For more than ten years, Group Training Australia (GTA) has enjoyed a highly constructive, productive and fruitful partnership with WorkSight.

Given the changing national landscape of all things workplace relations, WorkSight has at all times provided timely, appropriate, operational and strategic advice to both GTA and the wider group training network. WorkSight has represented GTA numerous times at Fair Work Australia (FWA) Hearings and Conferences on matters relating to Modern Awards, apprentice wages & conditions and the specific impact on group training. Such representation has been of the highest quality and has been greatly valued by both GTA and its Board.

WorkSight’s great value-add is the enormous well-spring of knowledge it has accumlated on group training over the course of a decade. Such coal-face familiarity of group training organisations and the unique challenges often confronting them allows WorkSight the opportunity to cut to the chase and provide the kind of workplace information & advice needed by GTOs to conduct their everyday business. In its long partnership with GTA, WorkSight has at all times conducted itself with the utmost professionalism and integrity. It has a great work ethic, highly sought after in such a crowded market.

I have no hesitation in recommending WorkSight to any business looking for quality industrial relations advice and practical workplace solutions. They deliver - big time.

Yours sincerely

James Barron
CEO Group Training Australia

Group Training Australia