WorkSight provides a range of compliance services. This ensures an independent perspective on areas of operational improvement and best quality practices. These services are cost effective, and we can provide a process that is adaptable and responsive to your business.

Why do a compliance check?

  • Ensure you are meeting your legal obligations;
  • Ensure you are prepared for the Fair Work Ombudsman’s campaigns undertaken in industries, states and territories and regional areas;
  • Enhance your staff’s morale;
  • Become a best practice employer.

These services include:

  1. Analysis and confirmation of compliance with the industrial instrument, award, enterprise agreement or contract rates and compared with those included in the organisations systems
  2. Analysis and confirmation of compliance with relevant workplace legislation including the Fair Work Act 2009
  3. Analysis and confirmation of employment conditions including compliance with allowance, shift, break and other specific pay entitlements across all industrial instruments.