Over the last 10 years employers have had to grapple with constant change in the regulation of the workplace. Understanding employer obligations is a challenge to many organisations, both large and small. WorkSight provides specialist workplace relations services to organisations that do not have a dedicated HR resource internally, or where your own HR staff need assistance to deal with a particular project or issue. We can explain the workplace relations system to you and advise you on what options it provides you to ensure you have developed appropriate pay and employment conditions for your employees and that you are meeting all your obligations as an employer.

We provide you with balanced and practical workplace relations advice in relation to:

  • Correct rates of pay and conditions of employment
  • Developing appropriate employment conditions for your business
  • Making a collective agreement that suits your business and your employees
  • Managing your modern award obligations and assisting in the transition to modern awards and interpreting award obligations
  • Investigating workplace conflict, employee grievances and bullying complaints
  • Mediation of workplace disputes
  • Developing workplace dispute resolution systems
  • Supporting you to manage discipline issues that arise
  • Managing termination of employment through redundancy or dismissal due to poor performance or misconduct
  • Developing policies that reflect the goals, strategies and culture of your organisation
  • Training employees in award interpretation and the basics of the employment relationship
  • Classifying positions and developing remuneration policies
  • Carrying out organisational and staffing reviews and restructuring your staffing profile
  • Ensuring that you are complying with your employment obligations through a payroll and employee records health check