Conducting workplace investigations correctly is an important part of complying with the obligation to provide a safe work place and aids in achieving harmonious work relationships while enhancing your business operations.

Whether the issue is a harassment complaint, a threat of workplace violence or another workplace dispute – prompt, fair and thorough investigations are essential for you to make sound employment decisions and minimize legal and financial risks. Increasingly, employers are placed in the role of workplace detectives when they are required to investigate grievances and incidents of employee misconduct.

WorkSight is able to assist you with this process. We have extensive experience in conducting workplace investigations in matters such as workplace harassment or bullying, misconduct or general workplace conflict. WorkSight prides itself in conducting fair and sensitive investigations into an allegation, complying with principles of natural justice together with making practical recommendations.

WorkSight can work with you to manage workplace conflict and develop your managers. We work with our clients to deliver positive outcomes with all services being tailored to the client’s needs and designed to work with your existing policies and procedures. For example, recently we have been working with a client who experienced a number of complaints. Our work has focused on improving capacity of their managers to adopt early intervention techniques and minimise the escalation of conflict.

What are the benefits of an independent external investigation?

  • Provides a firm evidentiary basis for management to make the hard decisions often required
  • Minimise disruption to the workplace through quarantining the conflict
  • Provides employees with confidence that management is dealing with the issue professionally