Conflict Resolution

Most managers recognise that conflict in the workplace is part and parcel of work, and many have sought to enhance their knowledge and skill level in dealing with conflict. But there are many Managers who, despite having developed their knowledge of conflict resolution processes, still do not feel comfortable dealing with conflict amongst their staff when it moves from being constructive and representing an alternative view to being destructive.

WorkSight Directors Rae-Anne Medforth and Janet Nicolson have devoted their working lives to the resolution of workplace conflict, from dealing with union/management disputes through to developing policies and processes to eliminate conflict arising from discrimination in the workplace. In more recent times both Rae-Anne and Janet have focused on the resolution of individual and organisational conflict situations that arise at work and have undertaken specialist transformative mediation training to support their practice in this area. This training has led to the development of skills and knowledge in facilitating communication processes between individual staff members through to undertaking organisational reviews in conflict-ridden organisations. WorkSight adopts conflict resolution processes that seek to transform the conflict which can become so destructive to the parties and those around them within a workplace.

WorkSight provides the following conflict resolution services:

  • Grievance investigation
  • Facilitating one on one and small group communication
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation
  • Organisational review
  • Development of early intervention workplace programs
  • Policy development
  • Staff Training in managing bullying in the workplace